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Mrs Moody

Couture Corsetière

I grew up in a house full of historical beauty. My mother collected period clothing, to show at schools and exhibitions - dresses and accessories ranging from 1850 through to the 1960s. I loved nothing more than digging through the chest of gowns, helping my mother organise the garments ready to be shown.

I am a creative soul, I have studied art, music, textiles, and developed skills in beading and jewellery design. Only when a dear friend introduced me to corsetry in my early 20s did I find her true calling.


Now, as a bespoke corset maker with over 10 years of experience, I draw on my love of nature, period fashion and vintage designs to create romantic, delicate and artistic couture. Creating unique and individual corsets and gowns. No two pieces are the same.

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